Hello and Welcome to Keyara Organics.

I’d like to share my story, and perhaps this will tell you how and maybe why my passion for Africa as a journalist opened up my mind to this incredible new world of natural skin and hair care.

A few years ago I got a baby girl whose eczema related skin problems couldn’t just stop. Being a new mum I tried everything and anything to ensure my child was comfortable. But when over the counter creams became the order of the day I started to panic about the impact of the chemicals to her young body. I started to research about dry skin conditions and how to manage her eczema, lucky for me, I stumbled on Shea Butter.

Overtime I struggled to buy it as not many stores were stocking it, therein my Keyara journey began. Born out of a need for organic and safe skin care, the brand has grown to embrace the purest and most premium oils butters and scents from across the beautiful African continent.  We use Shea butter from Uganda, Cocoa Butter from Ghana, Coconut oil from Kenya, Marula oil from South Africa, Argan oil from Morocco among many other authentically African botanicals.

I am, also, a proud child of Africa, and my hope is that Keyara Organics will play a key role in changing the African narrative, one brand at a time.

Terryanne Chebet

Founder, Keyara Organics